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About Us

Microtech Computers has been providing Kansas with high quality products and support since 1986. From government offices, to public school districts, to private homes and businesses, Microtech can build the perfect system for you.


Microtech products are professionally built, tested and configured at our 40,000 square feet  headquarters based in Lawrence, Kansas. Our headquarters operates under ISO-9001:2000 certified standards for company-wide  quality control. The ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.


Atipa Technologies is the high-performance computing division of Microtech Computers, who is the founding company that researches, builds and configures Atipa HPC clusters, servers and workstations.


Given today's rapid pace of hardware platform updates and new hardware platform developments, Atipa engineers put in extra effort to validate the stability and compatibility of each delivered Atipa cluster.   This has earned us many certifications and awards over the years.


Our success is built upon that of our customers, and this gives us a vested interest in finding the right solutions to the challenges that you will face as you utilize your new equipment. You can trust that we want your equipment to work flawlessly just as much as you do!


With the expansion of the high-performance computing market, Atipa has grown to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market. We continually strive to expand and improve our support and engineering staff in order to more efficiently meet the needs of our clients. In this industry, no individual knows everything; when you buy an Atipa cluster, our resources become yours, and it is our desire to ensure that your equipment does what you need it to do.


Our motivation is simple; we desire the opportunity to do more business with you in the future, and creating a mutually profitable relationship is the best way to help that happen. We’re confident that once you see what Atipa can do for you, you will see the value in allowing us to participate in your next project.

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